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An arcade game like the games from the days of Pacman. Did you know that Pacman was actually called Puckman in Japan, in reference to the fact that he looks like a hockey puck. But when it came to creating the American cabinets they changed it to Pacman for fear that vandals would change the P to an F and make it- well you probably know this already, you've seen Scott Pilgrim, who hasn't seen that film, Edgar Wright makes some hilarious visual jokes using what is and isn't in the frame, more directors should do this, for instance comedy at the moment seems to be stagnating, as nice as improvised comedy is, when you try to make every film out of it, e.g. Anchor Man, any movie made by the Scary Movie team, it just gets boring and samey, kinda like how games that are made to seem 'retro' now days are all kind of samey, usually metroidvanias or rpgs, you barely ever see any simple, easy arcade games, stuff like Pacman, that game is the simplest shit ever, it's just dots and ghosts and one bigger dot eats the other dots and the ghosts eat the bigger dot, like the circle of life. That's what this game is like. The circle of life.
With a dark maze.
And a boy with a square head.
Who has to kill the things in the dark with his torch.
Please play the game we made.
Based on fake Famicom cover art by Kimasoft.

The gif to the right is a mockup and has since ENTIRELY changed.

Published Jun 20, 2015
StatusIn development
TagsArcade, famicom, NES, overhead, Retro, simple